Trip O'Dell

Co-Host of Brave New Workforce

Trip discovered his talents for leading strategic innovation and teams in an unlikely place; at the head of a classroom during a two-year tour of service with the Jesuit Volunteers on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation.

Twenty years later, Trip's service proved to be the trailhead for a career designing technology that amplifies human potential and creativity at the world's most innovative tech companies and startups.

Trip is an in-demand keynote speaker and writer for publications and conferences around the world. He applies his hands-on experience and expertise to complex topics such as ethics and artificial intelligence, education and health, innovation in developing economies, global supply chains, vehicular safety, and inclusive innovation.

Trip's holds multiple patents for new products and technologies he's co-invented and led at companies and startups that include Adobe, Microsoft, and Amazon. His prior work has won awards and accolades across a range of industries, multinational corporations, startups, and nonprofits that include Adobe, Microsoft, Amazon, Varsity Tutors, The Chicago Field Museum, and The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

His confidential advisory and coaching include clients from major corporations, institutional investors, premier global consultancies, Universities, venture capital, private equity, global non-profits, and startups.

Trip O'Dell has hosted 45 Episodes.