Larry Cornett, PhD.

Co-Host of Brave New Workforce

Larry is a Leadership Coach and Career Advisor. He helps ambitious people forge an Invincible Career® so that they become opportunity magnets for the best things in life.

He spent more than two decades in the Silicon Valley tech industry as a designer, Design leader, Product leader, and executive at companies such as IBM, Apple, eBay, Yahoo.

At Yahoo, he was the VP of Consumer Products for Yahoo Search, leading a team of product managers, designers, and developers who focused on creating world-class Search experiences. Before that, he was a Director at eBay, where he led another great team focused on multiple products for Tailored Shopping Experiences, Platforms, and International sites.

He left Yahoo to advise startups and then raised $1.3M to found and become the CEO of his own mobile startup, Voicekick, which helped people discover the power of authentic storytelling.

Earlier in his career, he was a designer at Apple, where he worked on the Finder, OS, and International software; and IBM, where he worked on database and development tools. He was also the principal consultant for MindSpan Design, an interaction design agency where he worked on desktop, web, and mobile solutions for a variety of startups.

He received his Ph.D. in Psychology from Rice University, where he developed a coaching system for training software users. He has been granted several patents, which include design work on web-based products and hardware solutions.

Ten years ago, he decided that it was time to reinvent his career to reclaim his freedom, health, and life. He left Silicon Valey and built a remote business to work with clients across the globe from his home

Larry Cornett, PhD. has hosted 45 Episodes.