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The Podcast changing the way the world works.

Welcome to the Brave New Workforce

The Brave New Workforce is a podcast about change, and big ideas.

We talk about “Remote work”, but abandoning office life is more than just working from home and Zoom calls. This series follows the story of how changing the way we work, is going to be a better way of living, working, educating our children, and creating an economy that works for more people, and has the potential to do so much more.

Disruption is never pretty, but with Larry, Anna, and Trip as your guides, you’ll have a behind the scenes look at how to weather and thrive amid a historic disruption. With decades of expertise in Silicon Valley, big tech, and leading remote teams, the team applies their hard-earned, expert insights and analysis learned during decades of creating the technology the life we’re living possible; and how, with the right mindset, the future is a much brighter normal than the one we’ve left behind.

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